EUMETSAT Media Imagery

On this page you will find coloured Meteosat Images, original black and white Meteosat images, as well as other interesting imagery produced by EUMETSAT.

The imagery is available in several different formats:

Interested in more images of selected weather situations ? Please, find the Meteosat Images of the Month pages containing more than 100 case studies.

Note: All Meteosat images shown on or downloaded from our Web server are subject to EUMETSAT copyright. If you wish to re-use any of these images, EUMETSAT's copyright credit should be shown by displaying the words "copyright © {year} EUMETSAT" on each of the images shown.

  Area Description Link
Global Images Global Images
Full Disk Images
Shows a selection of full disk Meteosat images; suitable sub-areas may be created by cropping the images.
Regional Images Shows a selection of interesting satellite images at regional scale (countries or parts of a continent).
Schematics & Figures Shows a selection of useful diagrammes and schematics.

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