Teacher's Guide

EuroMET philosophy: The objective of EuroMET is to provide teachers with resources to create learning applications in Meteorology. They include libraries of existing material, guidance and helpful tools for creating your own modules and an organiser to combine everything coherently. All the modules provided in our libraries have been developed with up-to-date information provided by established experts from across Europe. The modules have been extensively evaluated and refined as a result of this feedback.

How to use this guide: It is up to you to decide what information you need from this guide. Perhaps you want to know more about different ways in which people learn (pedagogical background) or ways in which computer-based material can be used in different teaching scenarios. If you are already familiar with these topics you might want to use our existing modules to create your own learning application or create some of your module which you can integrate with ours. The discussion area is provided for you to ask questions and also to see the questions others have already asked. Answers to these questions come from people who have already used our material.

Pedagogical background: How do people learn? What are the different levels of understanding? How do the teaching methods affect the understanding? How can we evaluate the effectiveness? Different teaching scenarios: Classroom demonstrations; Computer-based practicals; Learning in the workplace; Learning at home. What if there are problems?
Constructing applications from existing module libraries: Exploring the module libraries; Selecting modules and building your own contents page; Local v remote delivery Creating and integrating your own modules: Style guide; User interface; Java applet library
Discussions: Please comment and read the comments of others

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