Date Title Location Initiative CoE involv. Type Language Attendance Contact Link
2014/07/20 - 2014/08/01 Joint COSPAR and WMO Capacity Building Workshop on Satellite remote sensing, water cycle and climate Tver, Russian Federation Other Russian Federation Classroom course English Limited Andrey G. Kostianoy
2014/07/29 - 2014/08/01 Science Week 2014 - Advanced Forecaster Course Melbourne VLab Australia Event week English Limited Bodo Zeschke
2014/08/25 - 2014/08/29 ESAC-XII-E classroom phase Nairobi (Kenya) VLab Kenya Classroom course English By invitation Ms. Stella Aura
2014/09/08 - 2014/09/12 Seminar on the use of Satellite Observations in Numerical Weather Predictions Reading (UK) Other Classroom course English Limited Dr Stephen English
2014/10/06 - 2014/10/31 ESAC-XII-F online phase Online VLab Niger Online course French Open M. Jose Prieto
2014/10/06 - 2014/11/30 CALMet Online 2014 Online VLab Online course English Open CALMet WG
2014/11/24 - 2014/11/28 ESAC-XII-F classroom phase Dakar (Senegal) VLab Niger Classroom course French By invitation M. Attitso Koffigan

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